Getting involved

The CAPAO Beach team is committed to working with you !

Simple gestures to limit the impact of your stay on the environment.

  • Before leaving your room, turn off the lights and television.
  • Air conditioning, in summer, 25°C is a good temperature for a good night's sleep. Keep bay windows closed when they are on. During the day, lower the blinds.
  • Every drop is precious, a shorter shower, a shower instead of a bath, a sensible change of bed linen, towels and beach towels all help to save water and energy.
  • Swimming pool, sauna, hammam, 1 degree less for the heated swimming pool, restricted opening hours for the SAUNA and HAMMAM, won't in any way reduce well-being but will make the difference in energy savings.
  • Eco friendly ride, bicycles are available from reception, subject to reservation. Recharging stations are available in the private parking lot. Reduced environmental impact.
  • Good practice, we are phasing out single-use plastic, which is why we offer you a water bottle on arrival and the mini bars are empty. Recycling garbage cans available. Purchase of local products for our catering. Use of Eco Label products. Low-impact activities.

Thank you for your participation