Capaô Écolo

Capaô Écolo

Some small steps

  • Save water, only change your towels if necessary. Put them in the bathtub (or the shower) to tell us to change them.
  • Remember to close the taps and not to let the water flow unnecessarily.
  • Remember to turn off the lights when leaving your room and / or unplug appliances left in standby
  • The mini bars have been emptied and disconnected to reduce waste and electricity consumption. They are at your disposal for your personal use.
  • A body and hair gel dispenser is placed in the bathroom to replace too many individual packages.
  • Our cleaning products respond to a responsible behavior to preserve the environment with the use of an ecological range.
  • Sorting bins are installed in the hotel. Think about it!
  • Terminals for electric vehicles, electric bike rental, running app to discover the station ... ASK TO RECEPTION DESK.


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